Leveraging AI to Elevate Sales in Small and Medium Businesses

Are you a small or medium-sized business seeking to enhance your website’s potential to identify and convert high-value prospects at an optimal cost? The latest innovations in Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based Smart Chatbots (SmartBots) may have the answer for you.

Today’s solutions to monetize website traffic may involve expensive manpower to manage responses to website traffic. An AI solution can effectively manage this traffic, understand client requirements if the prospects qualify, and help close high-value prospects faster. Let’s explore how.

Imagine a scenario where you, as an SMB owner, are handling around 3000 to 5000 visitors per month on your website. You have spent a considerable amount of time and money building up this traffic for your business. How would you monetize it into revenue?

Typically, you will have the following options:

In-house resources

🔹Create an in-house team to manage queries.
🔹Constantly train them on new offerings.
🔹Help identify and close deals.

Outsource to a 3rd Party Chat (3PC) service provider

🔹Engage 3PC to answer queries.
🔹Identify high-value prospects, pass them to the internal team, and close the same.
🔹Allow other customers to close deals themselves.

However, both options have issues:

Option 1 will have a high cost.

🔹As an owner, you will struggle to identify high-value
prospects in time.

Option 2 may miss identifying high-value prospects.

🔹Requires Cross-Verification.

Implementing AI in Sales Engagement for Your Business:

Enter Metromax: your website empowered by AI-based SmartBots. This integration revolutionizes the way prospects explore your website.

  1. Advanced Prospect Identification: AI capabilities within the Chatbot swiftly analyze visitor data company size, designation, and interests prospects in real-time as high or low value.
  2. Tailored Salesperson Alignment: High-value prospects are seamlessly matched with the most suitable salesperson via Microsoft Teams, orchestrated by Metromax’s integration expertise, ensuring alignment of expertise and availability.
  3. Seamless Live Connections: The AI-driven Chatbot serves as a liaison, facilitating immediate live connections between high-value prospects and designated salespersons within the website’s chat interface, nurturing instant engagement.
  4. CRM Integration for Precision Tracking: Every identified opportunity, irrespective of value, is meticulously logged into the CRM system, allowing for precise tracking, strategic follow-ups, and future engagement plans.

Unlocking Value and Benefits for Your Business:

Metromax’s nuanced approach to AI implementation offers SMBs a multitude of benefits:

Operational Efficiency

Automating prospect identification and salesperson alignment optimizes resources and enhances operational efficiency.

Personalized Engagement

Prospects connect with the most relevant salespersons, elevating the customer experience and significantly boosting conversion rates.

Meticulous Management

CRM integration enables detailed lead tracking, providing insightful data for effective management and strategic follow-up.


In today’s competitive landscape, SMBs need innovative tools to thrive. Microsoft’s AI tools, combined with Metromax’s expertise, empower SMBs to revolutionize sales engagement strategies, driving higher conversion rates and sustaining growth in today’s digital economy.

Metromax’s AI-based experts can conduct a customized Cost-Benefit Analysis for you to illustrate the gains from leveraging AI to enhance sales on your website. If you’re interested in setting up a meeting for a free consultation, please click on the link below.


Sameer Wadwa

Country Head
MetroMax Group

Arthur Reghu

Account Manager
MetroMax Group

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