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Human Resources and Recruitment Services

Simplify your workforce recruitment with us! Our HR professionals are here to make the hiring and onboarding process smooth. Customized to reduce the hiring burden, our services speed up the process by accessing a large talent pool of diverse expertise. We strictly comply with FedEx’s standards, making sure your team is top-notch.


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Centralized Services

Why Centralized Services is Your Best Bet?

Unlock operational efficiency, cost savings, and a talent pool of the finest resources by Centralizing your HR and recruitment requirements. This way, you can prioritize the growth of your business without distraction.

  • Up to 70% cost savings
  • Recruiting Expertise
  • Tailored, flexible support
  • Quick and Easy Onboarding

Transform your Recruitment Approach

Our expert HR and recruitment services drive your business to new heights,
making each hire an integral part of your journey.

Ad Posting & Candidate Screening

We generate job ads every week, review resumes, and conduct phone screenings to filter suitable candidates for you.

Onboarding Documents & Training

We oversee the documentation process for compliance and make sure candidates complete the required training on time.

Healthcare Enrollment and Drug Screens

We handle DOT physicals, drug screenings, and healthcare enrollment to meet FedEx's requirements and policies.

FedEx Compliance Requests Handling

We address FedEx compliance requests and ensure your operations meet their standards and regulations.

Why Choose Us

Choose Excellence. Don’t Compromise

Our approach is customized to fit your company’s culture. We use both industry expertise and state-of-the-art technology to secure the ideal talent for your business.

Recruitment Mastery

We carry 5+ years of expertise in recruiting for delivery teams.

Effortless Hiring

We handle 90% of the hiring process, making it effortless for your business.

FedEx Compliance Expertise

We assure compliance with FedEx’s standards.

Industry Insight

We understand the unique needs of Delivery partners and offer customized support.

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