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Are you facing accounting challenges? MetroMax is your solution! Our experienced professionals streamline accounting processes for FedEx ISP businesses, managing financial records, tackling tax matters, and skillfully addressing challenges.


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Why Centralized Services is Your Best Bet?

FedEx ISP businesses must follow proper accounting practices and regulatory compliance. Centralize your accounting requirements assures accurate financial records, reducing the chances of errors and fraud through regular audits.

  • Strategic Tax Management Services
  • Proper Maintenance of Financial Records
  • Consistent Evaluation and Audits
  • Minimized Errors and Financial Fraud

Our Accounting Services


Your financial records remain accurate, updated, and easily accessible to stakeholders under our care.

Financial Statement

We create monthly financial statements for valuable insights into your business's financial health.


Our team oversees the payroll of delivery associates and guarantees punctual payments and tax compliance.

Expense Reconciliation

We reconcile external vendor invoices to track expenses diligently.

FedEx Invoice Review

We review FedEx invoices for accuracy and to prevent any overbilling.

Income Tax Planning

We refine income tax strategies for optimization and also maintain compliance.

Why Choose Us

Your Reliable Partners in Building Financial Excellence

With a wealth of expertise in FedEx ISP operations, we stand as your dedicated ally. We excel in implementing top-notch accounting practices and offering expert insights to optimize income strategies while adhering to FedEx's contractual terms.

FedEx ISP Experts

Our experts have been offering expert guidance to FedEx ISPs for a significant time.

Industry Expertise

We help navigate net income variances tied to vehicle cost payment structures and rate cards.

Tax Mastery

We provide expert guidance that aligns with your business to balance both compliance and optimization.

Virtual Accessibility

We operate as a virtual team and extend our services to FedEx ISPs across the nation.

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