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Are you struggling with the complexities of accounting? MetroMax is here for the rescue! Our seasoned professionals streamline the accounting processes of Amazon DSP businesses by managing financial records and tax matters and handling challenges masterfully.


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Why Centralized Services is Your Best Bet?

Financial credibility is one of the vital factors that determines the scope of your business. Proper accounting practices with regulatory compliance are mandatory for Amazon DSP businesses. Centralize your accounting requirements helps maintain accurate financial records and minimizes the risks of errors and fraud through frequent audits.

  • Efficient Tax Planning
  • Proper Maintenance of Financial Records
  • Consistent Review and Audits
  • Reduction in Errors and Financial Fraud

Our Accounting Services


We keep your financial records accurate,
up-to-date, and accessible
to stakeholders.

Financial Statement

We create monthly financial statements for valuable insights into your business's financial health.


Our team handles payroll for delivery associates, ensuring on-time payments and tax compliance.

Expense Reconciliation

We reconcile external vendor invoices to track expenses diligently.

Amazon Invoice Review

We double-check Amazon invoices for accuracy to prevent overbilling.

Income Tax Planning

Our tax advisers optimize your income tax strategies without affecting the compliance.

Financial Trend Analysis

Navigating Last Mile Delivery: Insights for DSP Owners

Our Financial Analysis reports transcend mere documentation; they serve as indispensable strategic instruments empowering DSP owners to navigate the intricacies of Last Mile Delivery with unwavering confidence and clarity. By furnishing a comprehensive analysis of revenue streams and performance metrics, these reports arm DSP owners with the indispensable insights necessary to maintain a competitive edge, exploit opportunities, and adeptly mitigate risks.

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Net Profits

Delve into the nuances of net profits, offering a thorough understanding of financial health and areas ripe for enhancement.

Key Areas of Expenses

Illuminate critical expenditure domains, enabling precise cost management strategies and resource allocation.

Industry Benchmarks

Benchmark performance against industry standards, facilitating informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Fantastic & Fantastic + Bonus Trends

Highlight trends in achieving Fantastic and Fantastic+ bonuses, guiding efforts towards excellence and incentivizing exceptional performance.

Key Areas of Improvement

Identify and prioritize areas for enhancement, fostering continuous improvement initiatives and operational excellence.

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Simplify Accounting with
Our Expertise

We offer tax advice specifically structured to align with your Amazon contract, prioritizing both compliance and deductions.

Amazon DSP Accounting Specialists

We have seasoned professionals who have been providing guidance to DSP owners since 2018.

Industry Know-How

Our team dives into the nitty gritty of the DSP industry, including net income variances based on vehicle cost payment structures and Amazon rate cards.

In-Depth Tax Knowledge

We offer tax advice specifically structured to match your Amazon contract, prioritizing both compliance and deductions.

Virtual Convenience

As a virtual team, we serve Amazon DSP owners nationwide, from California to Florida, and beyond.

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