Our Dispatch Services

Premium Dispatch Services for Efficient Trucking Operations

We specialize in custom dispatch services, tailored exclusively to your organization. Our expert dispatchers, trained by seasoned US truckers, ensure efficiency in every operation.

Fleet Management

Fleet Operations Management

We efficiently manage your fleet operations and ensure timely deliveries with our comprehensive suite of operational management services.

🔹 Route Planning

🔹 Fleet Management

🔹 Last Mile Delivery

🔹 Real-time Tracking and Visibility

24/7 Support

Incident Management & 24/7 Support

Our experts are adept at handling emergencies and ensuring swift resolution for mitigating risks. Our dedicated team is available round-the-clock for assistance.

🔹Accident and Incident Reporting

🔹Rescue Coordination

🔹VEDR Monitoring

🔹24/7/365 Dedicated Support

specialized services

Administrative Services

We help improve administrative efficiency with our specialized services crafted for the unique needs of your business.

🔹End-to-End Paperwork

🔹Handling BOL & Invoices

Reporting Services

Compliance and Reporting

We ensure your business stays compliant with industry regulations and track your fleet's performance effectively.

🔹HOS (Hours of Service) Compliance

🔹Fuel Card Reporting

🔹Toll Reporting

🔹Daily/Weekly/Monthly Reporting

Recruitment Services

Recruitment & Onboarding

Experience our end-to-end recruitment support that manages the entire process seamlessly to bring skilled drivers to your fleet.

🔹Online interviews


🔹Drug tests

🔹Background checks

Why MetroMax?

Lower Operating Costs

Cut down on operational costs with our efficient fleet management services and solutions.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Ensure on-time deliveries and exceed customer expectations with MetroMax’s dispatch support.

Confidential Collaboration and Brand Protection

Maintain brand integrity and data security with exclusive communication channels.

Competitive Price Model

Enjoy flexible pricing options tailored to your fleet size and needs. Avail services for unlimited trucks

All-Inclusive Support

Benefit from our inclusive end-to-end support, which includes internet, computer, workspace, and HR management for smooth functioning.

Premium Dispatch Services for Efficient Trucking Operations!

Our expert dispatchers, trained by seasoned US truckers, ensure efficiency in every operation. Get Started with us.

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