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Smooth operations determine the success of your Amazon DSP business. MetroMax’s support services are tailored with care to optimize your delivery operations, boost your performance, and help you achieve a 5/5 rating in the customer satisfaction meter.


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Why Centralized Services is Your Best Bet?

Centralize your operational requirements to reduce overhead expenditure, boost operational efficiency, and leverage industry expertise for insights and accelerated growth.

  • 24/7 Support
  • Reduction in Operational
  • Increased Profitability
  • Access to Industry Expertise

Our Operations Support Services

Monitoring DVIRs

Our routine DVIR (Driver Vehicle Inspection Report) assessments prioritize vehicle safety and regulatory compliance.

Routes Performance Monitoring

We keep a tab on efficiency by monitoring route performance, room-of-choice deliveries, and unpacking.

DA Scorecard Metrics Review

We review the DA scorecard metrics, identify drivers with low performance, and make necessary improvements.


Our timely and accurate delivery schedules enhance customer experience and satisfaction.

MSO Review

Our team ensures optimal fleet performance by handling the Maintenance Service Orders (MSO).

Fleet Tool

We keep the fleet tools accurate and up-to-date in the DSP portal.

EOD Photos Monitoring

We review end-of-day photos to assess vehicle condition and compliance.

HOS Monitoring

We oversee and manage drivers' Hours of Service (HOS) to ensure compliance and prevent violations.

Why Choose Us

Achieve Operational Excellence with our Amazon Expertise

We have a successful track record of managing 50+ routes as Amazon DSP contractors, which makes us your ideal choice for back-office support. Our team excels at monitoring operations, identifying areas of improvement, and enhancing efficiency through a strategic result-driven approach.

Hands-on Experience

Our experts are former DSP contractors who offer valuable real-world insights for enhanced performance.

Job-Ready Crew for Deployment

Our dedicated team is job-ready and well-equipped with essential tools for immediate deployment.

Real-Time Monitoring

We monitor crucial aspects of your operations for optimal performance and continuous improvement.

Integration with Amazon

Our support services integrate effortlessly with Amazon’s procedures and practices.

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