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With MetroMax, payroll management becomes effortless. Our certified experts handle everything from accurate processing to timely reporting. We use cutting-edge technology for better error-free results. Focus on your business growth while we take care of your payroll needs with precision and efficiency.


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Why Centralized Solution is Your Best Bet?

Navigating complex payroll procedures and regulations can be daunting. Secure your business's financial health by Centralizing your payroll to MetroMax. We guarantee accurate payroll processing and conduct thorough reviews and audits to ensure compliance.

  • End-to-End Payroll Handling
  • Accuracy in Payroll Management
  • Regular Reviews and Audits
  • Minimization of Errors and Compliance Maintenance
Our Services

Our Payroll Services

Payroll Data Handling

Rely on our skilled team for accurate payroll data entry and processing, ensuring transaction precision in every cycle.

Compensation Calculations

Prioritize financial exactness with our meticulous compensation calculations, ensuring employees receive correct post-tax amounts.

Pay Slip Generation

Experience on-time pay slip generation with efficient email delivery, ensuring swift and transparent communication.

Recordkeeping and Administration

Benefit from comprehensive record management and administrative support, maintaining order and clarity in your financial operations.


With a focus on precision, our expertise extends to the preparation of state and federal returns, ensuring tax compliance.

Comprehensive Reporting

Enjoy hassle-free reporting with our comprehensive services, covering annual, quarterly, and monthly returns on a state-wide basis.

Why Choose Us

Why MetroMax?

Optimize your payroll management with MetroMax's innovative solutions, delivering enhanced accuracy and regulatory compliance alongside reduced error rates.

Cutting-Edge Technology for Validation

We use our propriety platform to validate timesheets and ensure reliability in payroll processing.

Regulatory Adherence

Ensure streamlined accuracy and compliance with our solutions, minimizing risks and meeting regulatory standards effectively.


Benefit from minimized payroll errors with our meticulous attention to detail and expert-driven strategies.

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