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Welcome to MetroMax, your trusted technology-driven partner in providing comprehensive support services to Amazon DSP (Delivery Service Partner) Contractors. Our team comprises tech-savvy and experienced professionals with hands-on expertise in running Amazon DSP operations, ensuring you receive cutting-edge support to drive tech-driven success.


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Why we are Different

Benefits of Our Back Office Support Services


Seamless scalability, removing the burden of repetitive back-office tasks.

Productive Service

Optimal back-office functions through advanced technology, allowing focus on core business operations.

24/7 Support

24/7 tech support for uninterrupted and efficient operations.

Cost Efficiency

Cost efficiency through technology automation, no need for extra in-house staff training.

Back Office Support Services

We specialize in offering expert Human Resources, Operations, and Accounting support

Human Resources Support

Efficiently manage hiring with our experienced HR team. We handle candidate screening, onboarding, and compliance, freeing up your time.

Operations Support

Optimize your Amazon DSP operations with our hands-on expertise. From real-time monitoring to vehicle maintenance, we ensure smooth operations and cost-effectiveness.

Accounting Support

Streamline financial management with our accounting specialists. We handle bookkeeping, payroll, income tax planning, and more for your peace of mind.

Our Project

Introducing Our New Innovative MLO Software

Enhance safety, improve efficiency, and elevate your fleet management to new heights.

Time Sheets Made Easy

Empower drivers with on-the-go adjustments.

Stay Connected on the Road

Real-time group chat for instant updates.

S.O.S. for Safety

Immediate emergency response with live ticket tracking.

Driver Recruitment Accelerator

Do you find it hard to collect documents from all the drivers? Are you looking for a
fast and efficient way to recruit drivers?

Many DSP owners find it difficult to keep track of all the applications for Driver Recruitment!

We are excited to announce our newest innovation, the DRA – Driver Recruitment Accelerator

With MetroMax’s Driver Recruitment Accelerator, DSP owners can easily collate documents,  keep track of the status of all candidates, and much more.

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Why Choose Us

We will handle the back -office support services

Extensive Experience

Our team members have managed 100+ Delivery Associates and operated 50+ Amazon DSP routes as Amazon DSP contractors themselves. Today, we support over 300 routes.

Ready - Made Solutions

Benefit from our readymade accelerators, experienced team members, best practices, and cutting-edge technologies to streamline driver recruitment, operations oversight, and payroll management.

Cost Savings

We run operations from our global delivery centers, delivering savings of up to 40% in operating costs for our clients.

Amazon DSP Operations: Elevate Your Delivery Partner Journey

Our skilled team ensures smooth operations, boosting your achievements in the tech-driven world.
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