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Human Resources and Recruitment Services

Hire a skilled workforce for your Amazon DSP operations effortlessly! Our HR professionals are at your service to ensure a seamless recruitment and onboarding process. Our services are tailored to ease the burden of hiring and speed up the process by accessing a larger talent pool. Adhere to Amazon’s compliance requirements diligently to uphold standards.


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Centralized Services

Why Centralized Service is Your Best Bet?

Centralizing your HR and recruitment needs helps you streamline operations, reduce costs, and access the best talent, while you concentrate on growing your business.

  • Up to 70% cost savings
  • Recruiting Expertise
  • Tailored, flexible support
  • Quick and Easy Onboarding

Optimize your hiring process

Our expert HR and recruitment services Drive your business to new
heights, one hire at a time!

Ad Posting & Candidate Screening

We craft new job ads every week, review resumes, and perform telephonic screening to filter best-suited profiles for your requirements.

Onboarding Documents & KNET Training

We handle the documentation process for smooth onboarding and ensure the required training on time.

Healthcare Enrollment and Drug Screens

We schedule DOT physicals and drug screenings and manage the healthcare enrollment as per Amazon’s requirements and policies.

Amazon Compliance Requests Handling Services

We handle compliance-related requests from Amazon and ensure your operations meet their standards.

Why Choose Us

We offer more than just recruitment

We tailor our approach to your company's culture and use data to get you the best talent. We have both industry experts and cutting-edge tech to get the right talent for your business.

5+ Years of Recruitment Expertise

We are dedicated to finding the perfect fit for your delivery team.

Time and Stress Reduction

We handle up to 90% of the hiring process, freeing your time for business development.

Amazon Compliance Expertise

We ensure compliance with Amazon's recruitment standards.

Industry Knowledge

Our HR associates understand the unique needs of DSPs and ensure customized support.

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