Enhanced Digital Presence and online visibility with smart strategies

Key Takeaways

5 talent hired


NexPro Solutions specializes in trucking and transportation solutions, providing services like semi-trailer rental and leasing, dispatch, and driver recruiting. With a focus on flexible monthly terms for semi-trailer rentals, the company supports its equipment through advanced technology and services across a versatile trailer rental network in the U.S.

NexPro takes pride in its legacy of reliability and innovation, positioning itself as a trusted leader in the industry.


In close collaboration with the client, our team conducted a comprehensive assessment of their existing digital presence and lead generation strategies. By engaging in an in-depth analysis, we aimed to understand the client’s unique needs and challenges. The outcome of this collaborative effort served as the basis for our ongoing work to optimize their digital strategies and amplify lead generation efforts.

✅ Minimal Brand Recognition

✅ Lack of Quality Leads

✅ Limited Online Visibility


✨ We propelled our client’s digital presence through strategic measures, including organic social media posts, dedicated landing pages, SMS, and email marketing. Our tailored approach extended to targeted ads on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Google, featuring special offers on Flat-rate dispatch services and incentives for clients with 10 or more trucks.

Our Approach

Digital Presence Optimization

Enhanced the website by creating dedicated landing pages for Dispatch, Trailer Rental, and other key services, making it more user-friendly.

Maintained an active online presence with regular posts on Instagram and Facebook, enhancing engagement and visibility.

Lead Generation

Used SMS marketing for direct and personalized communication to generate leads.

Conducted email marketing campaigns to reach a broader audience with customized messages.

Ran social media ads on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, along with Google Ads, to increase visibility and attract diverse leads.

Introduced special offers, including discounted rates for combined accounting & dispatch services, to encourage customer engagement.

Designed exclusive promotions for clients with 10 or more trucks, providing tailored benefits for larger-scale operations.


5 talent was hired for the following profile:

Software Specialist

Designers and Developers

Successful Outcome

Achieved consistent monthly growth of 200+ organic followers on Instagram, resulting in 2-3 leads each month.

Secured 5-8 organic leads every week through SMS marketing efforts.

Generated 2-3 marketing-qualified leads monthly via strategically crafted email marketing campaigns.

Successfully obtained 20+ marketing-qualified leads every month through targeted PPC ads.

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