Comprehensive Brand Strategy and Enhancing the Visual Identity

Key Takeaways

5 talent hired


Fleur De Lee Realty is a reputable real estate brokerage located in Atlanta, Georgia, specializing in providing a dynamic and modern brokerage experience. With a focus on empowering both agents and investors, their mission is to support and enable the achievement of their dreams in the real estate market.

They distinguish themselves by equipping their agents with top-performing technology, allowing them to navigate the digital space effortlessly. Their goal is to streamline processes, giving our agents more time to focus on their core strengths – listing and selling homes.


After a comprehensive assessment and in-depth client discussions, we identified 3 pivotal challenges that called for strategic solutions and proactive measures.

✅ Impeded growth due to insufficient potential clients.

✅ Lack of a structured performance tracking system.

✅ Limited Manpower hindering operational efficiency and market expansion.


"MetroMax earned our trust by listening to our problems and finding the perfect team for our organization."

✨ We implemented a comprehensive branding strategy, refining their visual identity for a strong market presence. Simultaneously, advanced lead generation optimized digital engagement with high-quality buyers and sellers. Strategic hiring support formed an efficient team, and a robust performance tracking system enabled informed decision-making across operations.

Our Approach

Digital Presence Optimization

Created dedicated landing pages for Buyers and Sellers to optimize user engagement.

Integrated a CRM system tailored for real estate operations to streamline client interactions and data management.

Performance Metrics and Tracking

Implemented a comprehensive KPI sheet with key indicators to assess and enhance performance metrics.

Developed a performance tracking system covering marketing efforts, budget allocation, and leads generated.

Introduced a specialized performance tracker designed for real estate agents to monitor and enhance their activities.

Created a lead generation tracker that is categorized by platform and type (Seller, Buyer, Indeed Ads, LinkedIn Ads).

Social Media Marketing

Executed targeted Facebook lead-generation campaigns tailored for both Buyers and Sellers.

Recruitment and Job Advertising

Deployed job opening advertisements for positions like Administration Executive, Event Server, Real Estate Agent, and Photographer.


5 talent was hired for the following profile:

Software Specialist

Designers and Developers

🔹Launched a campaign generating 306 Marketing Qualified Leads and scheduling 17 property visit appointments.

🔹Achieved 22,000 impressions for enhanced brand visibility.

🔹Secured 231 photographer leads, 72 administrative executive leads, 67 event server leads, and 16 real estate agent leads.

🔹Integrated Follow Up Boss CRM for automated lead processes and streamlined performance tracking.

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