Designed to eliminate major compliance-related pain points for drivers

Key Takeaways

5 talent hired


FleetDrive360 is a web-based application designed to eliminate major compliance-related pain points for drivers, fleet owners, and compliance managers by identifying and resolving various problems in the trucking business!
The primary goal is to make DOT Compliance for your fleet maintenance software efficient, and automated and take back useful time to focus on the company.


Awareness about fleet management software:
The trucking industry is constantly fluctuating due to variations in the various factors that affect the business’s growth. Changes, alterations, and new regulations are proposed and incorporated all the time. 2021 starts with a few changes that affected the industry, and what changes will take effect in 2022 is still a big question as the white house administration will undoubtedly make its mark on transportation.

Our recent survey among the fleet owners and managers reveal several problems of managing the trucking company and keeping it complaint according to the regulations set by FMCSA & DOT, such as:

Hiring safe drivers, having drivers perform well, performing drug-alcohol testing, having a window to connect with a clearinghouse, keeping costs low, maintaining your vehicle, reporting in an automated manner, and satisfying your customers.


"MetroMax earned our trust by listening to our problems and finding the perfect team for our organization."

Software Development (FleetDrive360): As an owner-operator or a fleet manager, they are responsible for many day-to-day based activities. Sometimes maintaining all the vital records and documents in a logbook can be painful. The good news is that our software FleetDrive360 can help you get organized, manage your fleet maintenance software, and reduce stress. It is designed to address the above issues and keep the trucking business profitable.

Website development: We designed a website to integrate it with our software. The client can log in to the portal from any part of the world to check on the vital documents and updates from FMCSA & DOT.

Social media & Email marketing: We aimed to reach the potential audience via Instagram and bulk emails, pitching about the benefits and features offered by the software.


5 talent was hired for the following profile:

Software Specialist

Digital Marketing Experts

Designers and Developers

A revamped Email Marketing Campaign:
The goal of MetroMax Solutions was to create advertising space on the Cultivated Wit Network, which would help FleetDrive360 to attain a larger audience. In December, after running a successful email marketing campaign, we were able to reach 7000 audiences and generated 15 leads within two weeks.

A revamped social media Strategy:
FleetDrive360’s campaign that our team ran on social media successfully achieved everything we wanted it to. From December, the client saw a significant increase in the number of followers on Instagram from 0 to 64, along with 50 new Facebook fans.

We have provided an effective Lead Generation Virtual Assistant.

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