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Is your FedEx Last-Mile Delivery business reaching its full potential?
MetroMax has the answers. We're not just a support service;
we're your guides through the FedEx landscape. Let us handle
the back office to make your FedEx journey smoother.

Our Services

Your Roadmap to FedEx ISP Success Starts with MetroMax

Human Resources Support

Covering everything from recruitment to benefits and compliance, our HR support streamlines your workforce management.

Operations Support

With real-time route monitoring, we ensure smooth delivery operations, optimizing driver availability and efficiency.

Accounting Support

Our expert accounting services handle everything from audits to financial management, giving you peace of

About Outsourcing

Why Outsourcing is Best

Outsourcing your FedEx ISP back-end operations streamlines processes lowers costs, and provides access to specialized expertise, allowing you to focus on business growth.

Your Ultimate
Solution To Last-Mile Delivery

Metro LMD OpsAssist, or MLO, is your one-stop solution for streamlining every aspect of last-mile delivery. 

Driver Recruitment
Made Effortless

Are you struggling to manage driver applications and maintain a pipeline? Say hello to our recruitment assistance software, the Driver Recruitment Accelerator (DRA).

Driver Recruitment Accelerator

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