Establishing a dynamic online presence through website creation and Digital Marketing

Key Takeaways

5 talent hired


Excel Delivery is committed to providing complete logistics solutions and aims for a dominant global presence in supply chain management. It prioritizes top-notch service quality through modern and eco-friendly technology.

With a focus on positive customer experiences and professionalism, Excel Delivery envisions becoming a leading global logistics and supply chain management company. The goal is to exceed success and customer loyalty continually, promoting teamwork and a quality-centric work environment.


Struggling with brand reach, quality leads, and online visibility, the company faced added difficulty due to a shortage of drivers during peak operations and operational support gaps. Following detailed discussions and assessments, specific challenges were identified, prompting strategic solutions to enhance overall operational effectiveness.

✅ Minimal Brand Reach

✅ Insufficient Quality Leads

✅ Limited Online Visibility

✅ Shortage of FedEx Drivers for Peak Operations

✅ Gaps in Operational Support


✨ We strategically tackled challenges by implementing targeted paid marketing for heightened visibility and lead quality. Establishing a dynamic online presence through website creation, we further introduced specialized software solutions to expedite driver recruitment processes and streamline last-mile operations, contributing to an overall boost in operational efficiency.

Our Approach

Digital Presence Optimization

Developed an SEO-optimized website to enhance online visibility and improve overall digital presence.

Initiated targeted paid marketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram to generate quality leads and maximize digital outreach.

Operational Efficiency

Introduced the Driver Recruitment Accelerator (DRA) software for streamlined driver recruitment processes, enhancing operational efficiency.

Implemented LMD Ops Assist to address gaps in Last-Mile Delivery operations, facilitating effective communication with the field team including Drivers and Delivery Associates.


5 talent was hired for the following profile:

Software Specialist

Digital Marketing Experts

Designers and Developers

Campaign Success:

The targeted paid marketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram successfully addressed Excel Delivery's need for an expanded pool of potential drivers, resulting in a total of 718 leads for driver recruitment. The campaign alleviated the challenge of sourcing qualified candidates and building a more extensive network of prospective drivers.

Driver Recruitment Outcome:

Building on the success of the marketing campaigns, Excel Delivery overcame the challenge of driver shortages by successfully hiring over 40 qualified drivers. This outcome resolved the recruitment difficulties and addressed the company's operational needs in the delivery network.

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