CDL Driver Recruitment

Hire the best CDL drivers with MetroMax

We specialize in sourcing safety-conscious, professional CDL drivers for businesses. With our expertise in recruitment and a supportive approach, we help you access top-tier talent for their transportation needs.

Hiring Support

End-to-End Hiring Support

Our holistic hiring support covers candidate scouting, interview management, and efficient onboarding, providing businesses with a complete solution for their recruitment needs. 


🔹Job Posting in Portals

🔹On-Call Screening

🔹Document Collection

🔹Background Verification

🔹Scheduling Drug Tests

🔹Scheduling the soft skill training

🔹Scheduling Road Test slots and In-person interview

🔹Completion of E-Verification

Staff Augmentation

We follow ‘Staff Augmentation’ Mode

Our employee acts as a natural extension of your team, working closely with you on day-to-day tasks, with our supervisor offering oversight and assistance when needed.


🔹Recruiters report directly to the client.

🔹Uses a similar email ID and Phone Number.

🔹Facilitates savings up to 40% .

24/7 coverage

24/7 coverage - Pre-Shift, Post-Shift, and Weekend Shifts

By engaging in pre and post-shift outreach, along with weekend recruitment efforts, we maximize response rates and secure the ideal candidates for your needs.


🔹Reach out to candidates after 5 pm for better responses

🔹Reminders before 8 am for drug tests and training

🔹Strategic weekend outreach for more conversions

Internal Software

Internal Software for Streamlined Document Collection

We optimize document collection using our internal software, which is included in our service, at ZERO additional cost!


🔹Free storage space for documents.

🔹Automated SMS/Mail reminders for uploads.

🔹Document collection for verification, including consent forms.

Why MetroMax?

Trusted by 100+ Clients

Extensive experience in serving a wide range of clients, ensuring proven expertise in CDL driving hiring services.

Strategic sourcing for top-tier talent

Proactive and comprehensive efforts to attract and engage top-tier CDL driving candidates.

Customizable JD & SOP Templates

Tailored job descriptions and standard operating procedure templates to meet unique client requirements effectively.

Stringent Screening Process

We implement a meticulous screening process to ensure that only the most qualified and reliable CDL drivers are selected.

Tech-Driven Support

Access to our internal recruitment software for streamlined operations at no extra charge.

Premium CDL Driver Recruitment Services

Our hiring experts will ensure efficiency in every process. Get Started with us.

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