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Metro LMD OpsAssist, or MLO, is your one-stop solution for streamlining every aspect of last-mile delivery. We simplify last-mile logistics with features like real-time driver communication, emergency SOS assistance, and tracking of hours and maintenance schedules. Eliminate delivery roadblocks and fleet management challenges with MLO.

Metro LMD OpsAssist (MLO)

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Our app allows you to get the full-service offerings of driver communication, emergency SOS assistance, and tracking of hours and maintenance schedules.

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Features of MLO

MLO guarantees owners and administrators a constant connection with their field teams, providing efficient emergency response capabilities and the assurance that they remain firmly in control, regardless of location.



Records employee login and logoff times to track working hours and compliance.



Enables rapid task assignment to nearby drivers for swift rescue assistance.



Provides an open platform for driver communication, with pre-filled templates for managers.



Tracks and schedules vehicle maintenance including cost analysis.

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In MLO, the drivers can punch in and punch out using the mobile app, while the portal is accessible to managers. Using geotag, MLO tracks driver location for both compliance and immediate response to emergencies. When discrepancies, such as late logins or early logouts, occur, the software prompts explanations that can be reviewed by managers, to ensure accurate time records. Additionally, drivers have the flexibility to make on-the-go modifications. 

We take your data security and privacy seriously. We use strong encryption and secure access controls and follow privacy regulations diligently to safeguard your information. We also have a comprehensive incident response plan for quick recovery from cybersecurity incidents. 

Yes, MLO can be integrated with accounting software, customer relationship management (CRM) software, and fleet management software. This allows users to streamline their operations and reduce the amount of manual data entry.

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