Automated Document Processing

Our MetroOCR can digitize and understand any type of document using Automated Data Processing with Machine Learning(ML) and Artificial Intelligence(AI).

RPA Improves
Document Processing and Validation


Extract OCR data from any document type or image.

Process Orchestration

An award winning End-to-End Automation Solution.


Automate Business Process with our best AL/ML Solutions.

Data Enrichment and Normalization

Enrich data with our predefined methods in any formats.


Improve image data extracted from any old document.


Train any form of document, let it be structured and non-structured.

Automated Data Processing with Machine Learning(ML) and Artificial Intelligence(AI)

Why your business needs document automation:

Document automation allows businesses to automate large, complex documents consisting of thousands or even hundreds and thousands files.

Move Your Business Off the Paper-Trail

Document automation has a lot of benefits. It makes your business more efficient and helps you stay ahead of the competition.

Increases Speed

A large number of documents can be processed in a short amount of time when compared to manual extraction.

Improves Accuracy

An intelligent RPA application can be far more accurate when extracting data from even unstructured documents

Faster Digitization

MetroOCR along with RPA is exceedingly effective at reading data from images, emails, and pdfs into digital format.

Reduces cost

Reduce the time and costs to scan and process documents by increasing accuracy.

Key benefits of MetroOCR BOT

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